Twitter Ads? NO!

Most people don’t realize how expensive Twitter advertising can be comparable to Facebook, PPC, and other traditional campaigns. But really it is the market that continues to dictate the pricing for all of us. Any inexpensive item is not worth advertising on this platform because the cost per conversion is way too high.

Twitter offers three types of advertising options – promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. The first two cost between $.50 – $4.00 per engagement, and promoted trends will cost you $200,000 per day.

Twitter Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are exactly that – tweets you have already tweeted that you wish to promote. They appear in timelines and search results. These ads can be targeted by interests, gender, device, geography (by DMA) and similarity to existing followers.

You only pay when users interact with your ad by clicking, replying, retweeting or favoriting your tweet. These engagements typically cost between $.50 – $2.00, depending on your targeting. For local campaigns it averages $1.35 per engagement.

Samsung famously bought all of the iPhone search terms during the iPhone 5 release. So users searching for “iPhone”, “iPhone 5” or “Apple iPhone” within Twitter were greeted with this Samsung ad:

twitter promoted tweet

Twitter Promoted Account

Twitter Promoted Who to FollowWant more followers ?  Twitter offers advertisers the ability to promote their account to potential followers. Advertisers can target by interest, geography and gender.

The price per follower depends on your targeting, but you can expect $2.50 – $4.00 per new follower. For local campaigns we have seen it on the lower end of $2.50 per follower.

Twitter Promoted Trends


Twitter Promoted TrendsIf you’re looking for massive exposure in a short amount of time, promoted trends are your best friend. You receive guaranteed placement in the Trends section of Twitter for one day. The price tag? $200,000 per day.

If you decide to run a promoted trend, you will need to contact Twitter directly to schedule it. Be sure to put some strategy into choosing your hashtag for the day, so you don’t have a backlash like #McDstories did.

Additional Perks to Advertising on Twitter

The new followers, retweets and conversions that happen from paid advertising are well worth the investment in themselves; however another HUGE advantage of running these ads is you gain access to analytics for your whole Twitter handle. This provides deep insights to which tweets perform best and insights about your followers. Another perk is advertisers on Twitter have a higher chance of gaining a verified account.


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